Clean those makeup brushes!

The thought of bacteria, dirt and residue living on your face is enough to make you go crazy! So just think of what lives on your makeup brushes after they been sitting there for days dirty... Did you know that your makeup brushes is a major source of what can cause or bring back your unwanted acne. Among washing your pillows, sheets, drinking water, exercising cleaning your makeup brushes is important in keeping your breakouts and skin infections away!

So let's get started!

We recommend using a mild cleanser like our Honey bomb facial cleanser and olive oil. Olive oil is used to keep the bristles on your brush nice and soft. Put a dime size of your cleanser on the makeup brushes. Massage the cleanser in your makeup brush, expect a lather. Rinse brushes in a bowl by swirling the brushes in small circles. Do not put the entire brush into the water! Once you rinse the brushes in the bowl rinse until the water runs clear. 


Use a paper towel to dry the water from the brushes by laying the brush in between a paper towel and squeezing the bristles with the tips of your hand. This will soak some of the water out to decrease your drying time. Once you’ve cleaned and drained your brushes, lay them on a paper towel on your counter, with the tip of the brushes hanging off the end of the counter. never dry your brushes upright as that will allow the water to drip down your brush and loosen the glue holding it together.



It's really simple and quick but necessary task  to do to ensure your overall skincare health and reducing breakouts and acne. In addition to cleaning your makeup brushes regularly you must remember not to share your makeup brushes with anyone. 



One last thing to consider before you utilize your fresh brushes is of course, primer! Did you know our Hydrating Nourishing Serum is a great makeup primer in addition to all of its other amazing benefits to your skin? The serum also provides sun protection, and replenishes your skin with the vital nutrients it needs for healthy skin cell regeneration, all while acting as a primer to create a matte makeup look. You’ve got it all now flawless, glowing and smooth skin; now for those final touches with your fresh clean brushes!


Try This! 



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