Growth Bomb Hair Growth Serum: Benefits and Ways to Use It



Hair is exposed to pollution, heat from the sun, curling utensils on a every day basis.  

This can cause immediate and extensive damages to your hair. 

 washing your hair can help you get rid of any grime and dirt in your hair,  but it doesn’t necessarily protect it from harsh environmental damages. This is where our Growth Bomb Hair Serum comes into play! 

What is Hair Growth Serum?

Hair growth serum is a kind of potion for your hair that is primarily made up of oils and essential oils to promote hair growth ( non greasy). Hair growth serum is commonly used in damaged and dry hair. 

How to Make Use of Hair Growth Serum

Apply 3-4 times per week. Apply to areas thats thinning, and itchy spots, dab throughout hair and gently massage product through hair. 

Benefits of Using Hair Growth Serum...

  • protects your hair against pollution and heat of the sun.
  • helps repair any kind of hair damages that you’re experiencing
  • coats hair surfaces which results in healthy and shiny hair.
  • prevents hair breakage and hair fall out.
  • provides protection and nourishment to your hair




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