How many of you ever walk into a beauty section and feel completely overwhelmed? I mean who knew there were so many skin care products out there... and trying to read the ingredients on some of these products.. FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

Growing up i never really had a lot of skin issues. I have a skin care routine to prevent my skin from going HAYWIRE! as my oldest daughter got older and started to experience teenage acne and then my son as well i really started to look deeper into skin care products to help get rid of acne. Nothing seem to work so i started researching natural ways to clearer healthy skin!

I often get inquires of what I use on my skin so i thought WHY NOT SHARE MY BEAUTY SECRETS WITH THE WORLD! after all sharing is caring..

MORNING ROUTINE: I have a 3-step routine. I pour a quarter size amount of our Honey Bomb Facial Wash and massage into my skin in a circular motion for about 1 minute i let it sit on my face while i brush my teeth. I rinse my face with warm water and pat dry with a cloth. I follow up with our Vitamin C Toner. How i apply the toner is I use a cotton pad and apply about 3-4 drops of the toner onto the pad and dab the product into my skin. For Dark Spots I recommend spot treatment with a Q-tip applying directly on the problem area. I usually let the toner dry for about a minute before applying our Rejuvenated Face & Body Butter. After that I am out the door to start my day!  AND THAT'S HOW I MAINTAIN MY ACNE FREE HEALTHY GLOWY SKIN!

I hope that my skin care routine can help YOU! It's a fast routine takes about 5 mins stay consistent with your skin care routine and you will see a big DIFFERENCE in your SKIN!

Thank you for tuning in to our beauty blog... we will be back next week with a night time routine and more beauty secrets.. HAVE A GREAT DAY!


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